About Us


Here at The Mannix Group, LLC, we take great pride in providing our clients the best representation under the Workers’ Compensation Law. We are not attorneys. We are professionals, licensed by New York State to represent injured workers in all aspects of a Workers’ Compensation case. The advice given and our representation is strictly limited to the Workers’ Compensation Law. Since all we do is Workers’ Compensation cases, our focus is unquestioned. We try cases before judges, we negotiate with insurance carriers and the defense attorneys that represent them. We file appeals and appear before the Board Panels to present oral arguments. We win cases and get benefits (indemnity and medical) for our clients through the Workers’ Compensation system. We are Workers’ Compensation specialists. Ask an attorney if he/she limits his/her practice to this field. You will learn, few attorneys handle only Workers’ Compensation cases. That is all we do as Licensed Workers’ Compensation Representatives.